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IBC ( Intermediate Bulk Container)

Jumlah Pesanan: Tambah ke Keranjang
Permintaan Penawaran
Cara Pembayaran:Transfer Bank (T/T)
Kemas & Pengiriman:1000 litre
Negara Asal:Malaysia
Keterangan:We offer packaging solution and services that optimize the total cost in your complete supply chain.

The principle is extremely simple and convincing: " Because of its cube-like design, the ECOBULK has more filling volume than four conventional drums within the same footage. " Thus providing an optimum utilization of space for delivery/ transport and faster downloading/ uploading. And optimum usage of space for STORING ( example footprint: 5m2) . Furthermore, ECOBULK offers additional value of :
1. Maximum Safety
2. Easy Handling
3. Good Environment Compatibility
4. Schuetz Ticket Service; One of the kind service offered by us is Schuetz Ticket System with benefit to your customer around the world. By simply fax the Schuetz Ticket that is attached on each of Schuetz IBC to local Schuetz subsidiary, we' ll then collect all of the used Schuetz IBC from your customers' site around the world free of charged. Therefore, it' ll be hassle-free to your customer having not confused with the waste treatment and freed from disposal cost.

" Therefore, unless you have a special requirements needed from using another packaging, SCHÜ TZ ECOBULK IBC is the best packaging to increase efficiency and effectiveness in your company. "

Kontak Perusahaan
Nama:Tn. Ricky Lie [Direktur/CEO/Manajer Umum]
E-mail:Kirim Pesan
Situs Web:
Nomor Ponsel:Nomor ponsel Tn. Ricky Lie di Jakarta Utara
Nomor Telpon:Nomor telpon Tn. Ricky Lie di Jakarta Utara
Nomor Faks:Nomor faks Tn. Ricky Lie di Jakarta Utara
Alamat:Wisma Kosgoro lt.8 no.2; MH.Thamrin no.53
Jakarta Utara 10350, Jakarta

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